This Man Claims to Live in this Tiny Camper. But When He Shows What’s Inside… IMPOSSIBLE!

Meet Paul Elkins.  Paul is about to prove to you that no matter how small your home is, there are ways to make more efficient use of your space. Paul has been traveling around the country in his “stealth camper.”

It’s an absolutely tiny camper that looks like it probably just stores a few of his belongings but Paul explains that he lives inside. Paul spent $150 to make this mobile home. He used some recycled fluted-plastic campaign signs, some pine board he got from Home Depot, duct tape, screws, zip ties, and a $20 used bike. But what’s inside? Insulation, a stove, a bread-pan sink, storage, shelving, a bed, LED lighting, and a skylight! Check out the video below and see for yourself!

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